This year, more than ever, people everywhere have connected the dots between climate change and the terrible damage done by extreme weather. This has brought a new urgency, and with urgency comes opportunity. People are growing more receptive to the needed climate solutions, so policymakers are open to bolder action. In the past year, EDF has made major strides to translate this moment into progress toward our vision of a vital Earth for everyone.

In this report, you’ll find EDF partnering with others to change the way natural resources are managed, strengthening the ability of forests, coastal wetlands and other ecosystems to reduce climate impacts. You’ll see us helping people in areas ravaged by storms, in the drought-stricken Western U.S., and in communities harmed the most by past pollution. We’re improving livelihoods by helping farmers and fishing communities thrive even in the face of climate change. And we’re speeding the transition to electric cars and trucks and toward a global clean energy economy with no net climate pollution.

For example, EDF climate scientist Ilissa Ocko and her colleagues have published new research demonstrating that, of all the greenhouse gas emissions this year, methane will warm the Earth more in the next decade than carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. This work has helped moved methane to the top of the climate change agenda. In fact, at the recent COP26 climate summit, more than 100 countries pledged to cut methane pollution at least 30% by 2030. Cutting methane is the fastest way to slow the rate of global warming and reduce the impact of climate change on our lives.

As more people understand that the damage from climate change is here, we must lead adoption of bolder solutions. You and every EDF donor have our heartfelt thanks for the support that makes this progress possible.

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